- MUST have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 OR Call of Duty: Black ops (11/9/10)

- Access to online play

- ONLY girls/women can join ( of any age)
Try- outs:
In order to be able to try out, you must meet the criteria requirements above.
Because this is a private clan, try outs are neasary to join.

Send us a Email requesting a  try out session and we will grant your request and send along a message with a date and time. Don't be intimidated. We're nice. We will be choosing who will join based on how well you play. 

First cut- We will do a one-on-one with you in a private free-for-all match. (This is to get a sense of how well you play) If we are interested in you joining us and we like the way you play, we will accept you.

In the event that you are not chosen on the one-on-one game session, you my appeal your membership by requesting another try out one week later or after, or you may play with us in a game of:
- search & destroy
- team deathmatch
and come in the top three by the end of the game session. 

Don't worry, we will always allow someone to try out as many times as they want.  
Membership rules: 
- you must  join our games and play with us when your are sent a "request to join game" message
- your clan tag name is to be on AT ALL TIMES. this is strictly enforced. otherwise it will cost you your membership. we do not tolerate "clan-crossing".